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Luftgekühlte Flüssigkeitskühler ARIES N 110 HE: Kälteleistung bis zu  369,8 kW

ASN air-cooled industrial process chillers are designed specifically to deliver absolute dependability for the most demanding industrial applications. The chiller features all the main hydraulic and mechanical
components integrated inside the unit, as standard. An extensive range of options, coupled with wide operating limits, confirm ASN as the perfect plug & play solution, the ideal to fit in a variety of process cooling applications.

Auch mit Kompressor mit variabler und fester Drehzahl in 2 Kreisläufen, die in jedem Lastzustand einen hohen Wirkungsgrad bieten, verfügbar.
ErP Tier 2 Compliant      Kältemittel R290
ARIES N bis 4,73 kW
ARIES N bis 4,73 kW


Chiller mit alternativem Kältemittel und geringem GWP-Wert


  • Natürliches Kühlmittel: R290 is a totally natural refrigerant.
  • Ökologisch: With a GWP of only 3 and an ODP of zero, R290 is the most ecological refrigerant and does not impact the environment.
  • Sicher + Zuverlässig: R290 is a non-toxic A3 refrigerant; it has been applied for over 100 years and is fully tried and tested.
  • Wirtschaftlich: Applying R290 avoids carbon taxes and benefits from local national incentives.
  • Zukunftssicher: R290 is exempt from HFC phase-out programs, consequently your chiller is future proof.


  • Natural Refrigerant R290 – Propane
  • 2 reciprocating compressors in 2 circuits
  • Compressor crankcase heater and phase-monitor
  • Integral enclosure and acoustic insulation on compressor compartment
  • Brazed plate evaporator heat exchanger
  • Microchannel condenser coils
  • Axial fans complete with protective grids and die-cast aluminium airfoil blade profiles
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Electrical cabinet protection rating IP54
  • Electronic microprocessor controller with touch screen user display
  • Modbus RS485 serial output for connection to supervision systems
  • IN/OUT compressor valves
  • “Victaulic” hydraulic connections kit (supplied for each unit)
  • Extensive tests and verifications performed in the factory
  • Refrigerant and oil charge


  • MWT version (down to -10 °C outlet water temperature)
  • Low ambient temperature option (down to -20 °C)
  • Single or twin water pumps with low (P2) or medium head pressure (P3)
  • Water accumulation tank
  • Anti-freeze protection heaters for heat exchangers, pump/s and water accumulation tank (if installed)
  • High efficiency EC brushless fans
  • Protective epoxy coating for condenser coils, for installation in aggressive environments
  • Finned pack condensing coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins
  • Metal mesh filters for condenser coil protection

Technische Daten

Nominelle Kälteleistung(1)
369,8 kW
Ges. Leistungsaufnahme (1)
86,3 kW
EER (1)
Max. Außenlufttemperatur (3)
47 °C
400 V ± 10% / 3-PE Ph / 50 Hz
Kältekreise / Verdichter
2/2 N°
Schallleistung (9)
91,8 dB(A)
Schalldruck (10)
63,8 dB(A)
2241 mm
3542 mm
2426 mm
2601 kg
Data declared according to UNI EN 14511:2018, referring to standard units without accessories/options and in nominal working conditions.
(1) Data referred to full load operation and nominal conditions, ambient temperature 25 °C and evaporator water IN/OUT temperature 20/15 °C;
(2) Data declared in compliance with the European Regulation (EU) 2016/2281 with regard to ecodesign requirements for cooling products and high temperature process chillers;
(3) Data declared referred to cooling mode and outlet water temperature 15 °C;
(4) Sound power: determined on the basis of measurements taken in accordance with the standard ISO 3744;
(5) Sound pressure: average value obtained in free field on a reflective surface at a distance of 10 m from the external side of the electrical panel of machine and at height of 1.6 m from the unit support base. Values with tolerance ± 2 dB. The sound levels refer to operation of the unit under full load in nominal conditions. The listed noise levels, weights and dimensions refer to base units with no options fitted.
(*) Data refers to ASN equipped with condensing coils in copper pipes and aluminium fins.

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Sie benötigen für eine der Geräte der ARIES N-Baureihe Ersatzteile, eine Reparatur, einen Servicecheck oder weitere Einbaukits? Wir bieten für die Geräte der ARIES N Baureihe den passenden Full-Service.
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